Female Fucktoys Have Three Fuck Holes (3) Sissies have Two (2)
Good Fucktoys always have their fuck holes ready for use by any and all men
Fuckhole #1 :
MOUTH HOLE * (primary fuck hole)  
Main Purpose :
Cum extractor and primary Fuck Hole for men, Sucking, Licking, Kissing, Licking assholes  
Purpose 2 :
Eating (Cum mostly, occasionally food)... mostly used for refilling her semen resevoir (stomach) which must be kept full at all times  
Purpose 3 :
Speech (limited) Begging for cum mostly, nobody wants to hear a dumb slut talk.  
Fuckhole #2 :
ASS HOLE * (primary fuck hole)  
Main Purpose :
Cock Milker and primary Fuck Hole for men, Sperm Collection Device  
Fuckhole #3 :
CUNT HOLE (secondary fuck hole)  
Main Purpose :
Spare Fuck Hole , rarely used because it's basically useless. typically only when there are more than 4 cocks involved... meaning one in each hand, one in the mouth hole and one in the ass hole , the unfortunate 5th cock may be forced to use her cunt , or to wait it out until a more useful hole becomes available ...  
  * Preferred  
Men Expect Their Fucktoy's Fuck Holes To Be Well Conditioned to receiving their big COCKS
Good Fuck Toys Train Their Fuck Holes With BIG TOYS ! Below are a few ideas SLUT !
... she wants to be passed around and pimped as their white trash whore...