*** FYI: Things that will get you blocked ***
abusive comments, scammers, spammers, email harvesters, DDOS attacks, scanbots, site rippers, suspicious activity, accessing my sitemap, snooping places you dont belong , sending over 1000 requests an hour .
I make zero money off this site so if you can't surf the site like a normal person then you will not be missed :)
Feb 18 2023
I've taken a a few steps to improve the security of my chat room .
This is a necessary step as the user base grows to protect user data as chat rooms everywhere are a common target of bad actors .
Starting now I am implementing VPN blocking on the chat room . You can still use a VPN to access my site but if you are using one on the chat you will most likely be blocked from accessing it . If you've been around for a while and have been a good girl and want to use VPN you can request to have your VPN IP whitelisted .
As of today I am also implementing email verification for new users .
This will discourage single users from creating multiple throwaway accounts and also improve security .
Feb 16 2023
sissy sluts 12 complete ... ready for the next 100 pics ?
Feb 15 2023
edge sluts 4 complete , started edge sluts 5
... needy sluts just need to keep rubbing , stay wet , stay horny , good girl
Feb 15 2023
sissy videos 10 complete ... starting on sissy videos 11
Feb 15 2023
bimbos 40 complete ... that's 4000 bimbo dollies in my dollhouse :)
Feb 15 2023
Added who's online indicators to the chat stats page
Feb 15 2023
First 100 pet girls complete . Starting on pet girls 2 . Sit Bitch ! Stay ! Good little puppie .
Feb 15 2023
Added new page : Sexy Lips ... as in bimbo cocksucker lips . Also added new trigger words to the chat bot to serve up these pics , try "lips", "mouth" and "pout" or any combination such as "cocksucking mouth" etc .
Feb 14 2023
Update :
Web performance stats took a big jump up since last night .
Streisand effect in full force Lol
Thanks Melodee !
Feb 14 2023
Update :
I decided this category needs it's own page , Pet Girls , will be moving all the puppies from other areas of my site onto this page to have them all together . Sort of a dog pound of the internet Lol
Feb 10 2023
Update :
New sissy hypno videos posted here
New sissy pics posted here
New edgeslut pics
New asslicker pics
Feb 7 2023
Update : adding a user profiles page , sort of a gallery of sissies (and guys) . A couple of gurls liked this idea so will see how it goes . If you want me to add your profile and pics to this page let me know and I will use your uploaded chat profile avatar , then you can also upload and send me more pics in the chat app or email me them if you'd like me to post them on your profile . :)
Feb 7 2023
Web performance continues to trend upwards . Looking good .
Mobile page experience also improved big time .
Feb 3 2023
did a lot of work on improving the site's mobile usability and indexing recently.
All web stats have been trending solidly upwards over the past 6 months :
- web performance
- pages indexed
- videos indexed
- mobile usability
- web vitals mobile
- mobile experience
- https secure pages
Jan 31 2023
Added a new splash page to my site... we gettin classy bitches .
Jan 30 2023
Added stats to the chat help and info page , these show the ten most recent chat users as well as total amount etc . Also added more features to the chat room and updated them there .
Jan 26 2023
Added more functionality to my Sissy Chat Room can now upload images up to 3.4 mb . More cool emojis , trying to figure out how to get more radio stations , the rock station on there is pretty good though . Added quizzes and polls . Also added an indicator to show who is online on the login page . Not much traffic yet as i just submitted it to search engines . Hopefully more people find it .
Jan 24 2023
New Live Sissy Chat Room , beta testing phase , your feedback is welcome . Can sign in as guest for now but will change it to register only soon .
Jan 24 2023
if you cant log in to clubsissy.com you are not alone , asking me to enable cookies when they are already enabled ? Dead support links... and a 500 server error when trying to register a new ID ... but hey their donation page still works ! ... Now ask me why im starting my own group chat LOL ! (and I wont be charging to post a picture Lol)  
Jan 23 2023
Some pages complete : fuckhole training 4 , started on #5 , edge sluts 4 , slave 48 started on stripper 3  
Jan 23 2023
live sissy group chat beta testing phase one ... Im going to leave this open to guest logins for now just to play around with it for testing purposes . Later I will add more functionality such as uploading pics and videos etc and will switch it over to user login then .
Jan 22 2023
more bimbo pics ...
Jan 17 2023
started a new edge slut page and milking page , added a few more ponygirl videos and of course more bimbo pics
Jan 16 2023
added a new page for you size queens
Jan 13 2023
added some ponygirl videos
Jan 3 2023
added ponygirl pics, fuckhole pics, edge slut pics, bimbo pics, and a few others check the menu
Dec 31 2022
Adding stuff here and there .... Happy New Year 🥂

Dec 30 2022
to "maidlover" dont sweat it, i seen you did that by accident
Dec 21 2022
Merry Christmas to Everyone ! 🥂
Dec 14 2022
some girl on girl fun
Dec 13 2022
more bimbo doll pics , love the dollies :)
Dec 13 2022
updated my about page to better describe what this site is about  
Dec 13 2022
more bimbo doll pics
Dec 7 2022
fixed up my girl walking page , Added some workout pics . Some styles stuff . and started on some makeup stuff , old videos i had but ill try to get some better videos for makeup later .
Going to add a nails & feet page... cuz ya gotta have pretty feet gurls Lol 😅 and of course
more sissy pics and videos .
Dec 7 2022
cleanup time , taking out the trash , broken links , outdated files , working on fixing up my sissy section because i've neglected it for a long time and I know plenty of gurls are interested in more sissy content ... so I aim to please sisters :) Check the sissy menu on the side bar for more stuff soon .  
Dec 6 2022
sissies 11 thats my first 1000 sissy sluts , major milestone , more to cum .  
Dec 5 2022
next on deck for the good little sluts :) will try to make it to 1000 tonight lol ... a decent start  
Dec 5 2022
more sissy pics for the good gurls :)  
Dec 5 2022
another page of 100 more sissy pics for my gurl ... and a couple special ones in there for you babe :)  
Dec 3 2022
more sissy pics for my sissy gurlfriends out there  
Dec 3 2022
A big thanks and big hug to sissy sister Amber122x for helping me fix a programming issue that was bugging me, the solution worked perfect :)  
Dec 2 2022
added some sissy pics and will add some sissy videos soon  
Dec 2 2022
Good girls obey ... good girls dont cum ... are you a good girl ?
Edge Slut Task 3
Dec 1 2022
happy December ... added 3 more cumslut pages and here and here and two more sissy pages here and here as requested by several people will try to add more sissy porn in the future  
Nov 29 2022
more bimbo dolls... yep i love me some dollies ...  
Nov 29 2022
Good girls obey ... good girls dont cum ... are you a good girl ? LOL
Edge Slut Task 2 for Good Girls only
Nov 29 2022
more bimbo dolls... Lol... what else is new  
Nov 26 2022
Good girls obey ... good girls dont cum ... are you a good girl ? LOL
Edge Slut Task 1 for Good Girls only
Nov 26 2022
Thanks to all the people who left the nice messages on my chat such as "beautiful website" "A+ content" "Thanks for making this stuff for sissies" etc . Many sissies really seem to enjoy my site and I'm happy to keep you entertained sisters . Really nice to hear and makes my effort seem worth while. Tankyas !  
Nov 26 2022
I ran out of web hosting space and my website recently stopped working as even my html files wouldnt upload . I have no choice now but to reencode many of my larger videos and re upload them which is a lot of work . I will be using WEBM for my videos from now on instead of MP4 . If you are using outdated Apple products you may experience issues with videos playing . The fix for this is updating your safari browser OR using an aftermarket browser OR downloading them and playing with VLC player . All of my videos will still be called "MP4" even though they are actually WEBM . I did this for easier page management and to fix some firefox issues .  
Nov 24 2022
New page for the pathetic desperate sluts of there... rub those useless aching fuck holes you sorry ass whores .... LOL  
Nov 20 2022
3000 bimbo dollies in my doll collection now... nah im not obsessed lol  
Nov 17 2022
fixed the broken links on sissy pics pages . a few new BBC images here Will be offline for a while next few days got lots of stuff i need to do .  
Nov 15 2022
more bimbo pics completed and started on bimbo 28 added some BBC videos and More Here and some Glory Hole Stuff  
Nov 8 2022
another day another hundred bimbo pics ... moved the strap on pics over to new category girl girl to try to keep the girl-girl stuff together  
Nov 6 2022
added 4 new pages of slave pics 1 2 3 4 and bimbo pics 20 that's 2000 bimbo pics in my doll collection now :)  
Nov 5 2022
updated touch audio rub your juicy slut cunts you filthy whores... I know you cant help it... it's not your fault... lol  
Nov 5 2022
updated stripper audio page... i am actively looking for new stripper audio as it's real hard to find... might need to make my own files for this one .  
Nov 5 2022
I recently hit 98% of my available web server space which is bad news because it means i cannot upload much more stuff without deleting or re-encoding a lot of videos . This site costs money to run and i dont make anything from it so please consider sharing some love on my crypto donations page . Im not begging here , just making it known that this site runs entirely on my own funds and donations from you porn addicts :)  
Nov 4 2022
started adding more audio files and here and here and here  
Nov 4 2022
more bimbo pics lol and here ... getting close to 2000 now... did i say i love bimbos ?  
Nov 3 2022
another day ... another hundred bimbo pics lol , who's counting...  
Nov 1 2022
wow made it through actober without snow here :) updates bimbo pics 13 and 14 ... enjoy bimbo fans  
Oct 31 2022
🎃Happy Halloween Sluts 🎃:) who's going out as a slut this year ? lol🎃  
Oct 30 2022
bimbo pics 11 complete now, starting on bimbo pics 12 added piss slut 3  
Oct 29 2022
i'm in the process of re-encoding a lot of videos to new technology video and image formats webm and webp and moving away from mp4 .... running out of space now on my web hosting so some files need to go ... and a big thanks to the people who sent me some love to help support this site's continued existence 💖  
Oct 29 2022
im sure there's plenty on this site , videos that dont play , broken links, wrong thumbnails... all kinds of stuff , thats what happens when you have over 75,000 files online . I appreciate people telling me about things that dont work right but takes time to get around to fixing it as i know there's quite a bit. You can email me or DM me on chat to report errors on my site .  
Oct 29 2022
updated files.... slave4 slave5 couples1 bimbo2 maid1 discipline1 uploading stuff so check back later also adding a few more categories , chastity (female) , femdom , and milking  
Oct 28 2022
added new category "couples" also added some new videos to slave2 slave3 slave4 and maid1  
Oct 28 2022
bimbo videos 1 updated  
Oct 27 2022
fixed a bunch of broken menu links ... a boring day ... miss my girl  
Oct 26 2022
Reorganized a bunch of stuff here is the updated files List:
BBC1 videos BBC2 videos BBC3 videos BBC4 videos BBC5 videos BBC brainwash 1 BBC brainwash 2 BBC brainwash 3 BBC brainwash 4 BBC brainwash 5 BBC brainwash 6 BBC brainwash 7 BBC brainwash 8
Oct 26 2022
starting my bimbo doll video page and fuck hole videos  
Oct 26 2022
moved a bunch of videos out of the BBC section into the Sissy section where they belong . Reorganizing files into categories that make more sense so many files are moving onto other pages to fill in the gaps .  
Oct 25 2022
more bimbolicious  
Oct 25 2022
more bimbo stuff 💖  
Oct 24 2022
starting on fuck hole training pics 2  
Oct 24 2022
Ive had quite a few people ask me why i removed the slut section as they were enjoying it . The reason is i've had trouble finding any sluts that actually want to post their personal stuff online and that's understandable i guess . I'll probably be restarting a different version of it . especially if i get some decent pics from any sluts who want me to put them up . Can be women or sissies but i will only post sissies i consider to be "hot" and i'm pretty picky . I consider my site to be classy and I plan to keep it that way .  
Oct 24 2022
starting on bimbo pics 10 ... i now have over 1000 dolls in my collection 😋💖  
Oct 23 2022
Today is a good day... 😋💖🌹💛🌷💞🌺💕🐴💘  
Oct 23 2022
adding a new category ... sex ... this is a fetish i have where I use my big black strap on dildo collection to train my slave ... either a woman or a sissy slave ... the slave must endure ever larger increasing sizes of dildos in her worthless fuck holes if she wants to prove she is a good whore for me :)  
Oct 22 2022
starting on bimbo pics 9 ... 900 bimbo dolls so far ... 100 on each page  
Oct 22 2022
new video here 💖.  
Oct 21 2022
starting on bimbo pics 8 ... that's 800 dollies so far in my doll collection :) 💖.  
Oct 21 2022
To the people who left the super kind comments on my chat box , thankyou so much ! Was really great to hear how much you enjoy the site and the nice comments are always appreciated 💖.  
Oct 20 2022
if you are just arriving here from google search and are wondering why so many links from google are broken it's because i recently changed my website structure and they will need to be re indexed on the search engines... so i recommend to just use the menu bar on this website for the most recent web links to my updated pages for now as google links will most likely be outdated for a little while .  
Oct 20 2022
to the person who left me the message about the maid videos i am definitely doing more of those... love the maid fantasy ! Not right now but ive got stuff cued up to do for that section for sure for later. FYI anyone can leave me a message on my chat... just getting used to how it works and i like it so far but dont get to the chats in time usually.  
Oct 19 2022
Added a chat widget to my website if you would like to send me a message . You can access it from the icon on the side of most pages . I also added a link to chat in the ABOUT menu that can be accessed from anywhere without coming to this website . I am not always available and this is mostly just for friends but i enjoy chatting with anyone who is respectful if i have the time . Would love to chat with bimbos... or wannabe bimbos or anyone who likes to play ... send me a message ... Just a warning though for anyone who decides they need to be abusive to me on the chat i may ban you from my website .  
Oct 19 2022
Adding more Bimbo Dolls , such beautiful plastic fuck dolls ... mmmm !  
Oct 18 2022
Adding more Bimbos , they are bimbolicious !  
Oct 18 2022
Fuck Hole Training - Good sluts prepare their "Fuck Holes" for their life as a cock slut whore .  
Oct 18 2022
updating, renaming, uploading and moving stuff around now ... shits going to be fucked up for a while , check back later  
Oct 17 2022
New category , Touch Yourself ... i like my girl to rub her pussy every day . I love her to ALWAYS be wet and horny ... like a proper woman should  
Oct 16 2022
Im looking for bimbos to chat with , or preferably wannabe bimbos with hopes of developing a possible long term relationship or at the very least have some fun hot and sexy online chat experiences together .
The thought of having my very own bimbo doll princess and helping to transform her into my perfect plastic fuck doll slave has got me so hot it's all i can think about .... I want one ! ....and would love to be a part of her transformation process .. I'm in Canada so the more local the girl is the better , but doesn't really matter that much as i am happy chatting with women of all types about all kinds of topics , sex stuff or even normal stuff , i am widely versed on a lot of topics ... . If you are interested , and want to chat about anything ... send me an email or a chat message on here or on wickr and tell me what's on your mind . My WickrID is jessielmb
Oct 16 2022
Although this site has been mostly focused on BBC porn in the past , i've now decided that this is a very narrow minded approach . There is a whole huge world of sexual fetishes and pleasures out there waiting to be explored . I've actually looked at so much of this stuff that it is actually beginning to bore me . BBC porn is becoming normalized lately , actually on it's way to becoming mundane , but i know it's still hot and not going away . So to try to keep this place exciting , not only for myself but for others that view it i will be adding some different categories of stuff that i really like and a much wider variety of images and videos . Some things ill be adding more of mostly revolve around the entire BDSM spectrum , Bimbo stuff, Humiliation and Degredation , Pet Play , Erotic Stories , Water sports , Erotic Artwork , dildo sex , strap on sex , fuck hole training , all involving women , possibly more sissy porn and some stuff that i think is really beautiful to look at such as pics of beautiful women , women masturbating , etc . My biggest turn on right now though is the slave master scenario where i am the dom over a female slave and is why the bimbo thing drives me absolutely nuts ... lol . 💖
You will not find any gay male porn besides sissy porn or anything underage or involving animals here . If that is what you are looking for then please go elsewhere because you are even sicker than me .
Oct 15 2022
I will be reorganizing much of my site soon , much of it will be reorganized into different categories so expect shit to not work too great for a while . Also my stuff will probably be lost by google search until i get my pages re-indexed . Im really crazy about the bimbo stuff and a lot of other related things so i will be expanding that section a lot .  
Oct 14 2022
got my heart broken by a woman tonight... shouldve known better than to trust a cunt. It always ends up this way with them . Six months of chatting and she vanishes without even a word . What a worthless cunt . Oh well , move on . :) She didnt deserve me anyway .
Oct 4 2022
added Bimbo Training audio page , also Hooker Audio  
Oct 3 2022
Now working on audio mind control , bimbo stuff first . i never used to like bimbos as i thought they looked too fake but i never understood them before , now i think they are so fucking hot it's all i can think about and i want to have one for myself... to use as my sex slave and treat her like my special princess ... would love to have one for my wife  
Sep 28 2022
Still moving stuff around so will notice broken links for a while. Do a cache refresh to get the latest updates to your browser CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE  
Sep 26 2022
I'm in the process of updating my site so it's more user friendly for mobile devices as well as search engines. Expect stuff to be a bit screwed up as i move stuff around. Comics section has way to many images on each page so i am doubling the number of pages there. Added new brainwash section and still uploading images. Stay tuned sluts. ;)