*** FYI: Things that will get you blocked ***
abusive comments, scammers, spammers, email harvesters, DDOS attacks, scanbots, site rippers, suspicious activity, accessing my sitemap, snooping places you dont belong , sending over 1000 requests an hour (you fucks from Deutch Telecom know who you are ).
I make zero money off this site so if you can't surf the site like a normal person then you will not be missed :)
Nov 4 2023
Making some improvements that should increase page load times and make the site a bit more bearable on mobile devices .  
Nov 3 2023
i've reblocked icloud . Some dipshits just dont learn and are ruining it for everyone .  
Nov 2 2023
OK, Ive unblocked most IPs now but be warned ... ill be watching who is abusing their privilege and if so you will be on the shitlist permanently  
Oct 30 2023
Happy Halloween Sluts !